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Hand-crafted rune or bind rune pendants. Personal bind runes available with consultation. Each one is uniquely created and will vary from images shown.


Add on a Bind Rune Consultation and/or Activation Ritual for $10/ea. at check out!


  • No returns are offered as each set is made with intent for that person and cannot be resold. 

  • Fehu | "F" | Cattle, liquid/movable wealth, spark
    Uruz | "-oo" | Auroch, physical strength, doorway
    Thurisaz  | "th" | Lightning, Tornado, Reconstruction through deconstruction
    Ansuz | "ah" | Inspiration, Odin, manifestation
    Raido | "R" | Cart, the journey is the destination, Travel
    Kenaz | "C" "K" | Boil, Ulcer, Inner knowing, torch
    Gebo | "G" | Gift, Giving, Equal exchange
    Wunjo | "W" "V" | Joy, happiness, victory, maddness
    Hagalaz | "H" | Hail, Seed, transformation, surrender, the goddess Hel
    Nauthiz | "N" | Need, Willpower, Friction, Conflict
    Isa | "ee" | Ice, Stillness, slowing down, stasis, clarity, grounding
    Jera | "ye" | Cycles, harvest, Reaping rewards, year 
    Eihwaz | "aye" | Balance, walking between worlds, death
    Perthro | "P" | Game, gambling, mystery, Take a chance
    Algiz | "Z"/"R" | Elk, Elk sedge, protection, defense
    Sowlio |"S" | Sun, Englightenment, Health, Wholeness, Cleansing
    Tiwaz | "T" | The god Tyr, Justice, War, Going the right direction
    Berkana |"B" | Birch, mother, discernment, fertility, Healing, growth
    Ehwaz | "Eh" | Horse, movement, loyalty, relationship
    Mannaz | "M" | Man, contracts, friendship, cooperation, individuality
    Laguz | "L" | Lake, water, Intuition, psychic ability, emotion, dreams
    Ingwaz | "-ing" | The god Freyr, seed, fertility, initiation, growth and change
    Dagaz | "D" | Day, Cycles of night and day, completion, awakening
    Othila | "Oh" | Ancestral Lands, Ancestral gifts, inheritance, unmoving wealth
    Os | "oh" | Rune of Odin, vocal manifestation, communication
    Ac | "A" | Rune of Angrboda, emotional strength, spirit, leadership
    Yr | "Y" | Yew, bow, focus, marksmanship, potential and kinetic energy
    Ior | "ia/io" | Jormungandr, serpent, boundries
    Ear | "Ea" | Grave, transformation, death to life cycle, Decay slowly
    Cweorth | "kw"/"qu" | Death through immediate reaction. Conflagulation, fire
    Calc | "k" | Challace, what you seek, holy grail, goal, quest
    Stan | "st" | Stone, Knowing your way, set in stone, stoic, hold together
    Gar | "g" | Odin's spear, Odin's rune, unknown, Seek alternate paths

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