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I offer rune castings and energetic healing to individuals who are seeking guidance, or consultation to questions, and to assist in overall wellbeing.


All castings are held either over FaceBook Messenger live video calls, Zoom, or in person if within 50 miles of  where I live. Castings are private and meant for the individual alone. 


What is a casting? Unlike a reading that you might have in tarot or other means of divination where cards, stones, or even runes are placed in specific patterns, a casting is when runes are pulled and thrown at random. The runes that fall from my hand, pulled at random from the bag when ready, will reveal pieces of your puzzle that will assist in guiding you down your path. They do not reveal future, but rather offer avenues of clarity and insight. At times one or two runes may fall, other times it could be 10.


Each casting session consists of a few moments of connection, I'll discuss how I discern and use the runes, and typically three questions can be asked. This ranges anywhere from 45 mins to a little over an hour depending on the complexity of the question or the deciphering of the story the runes help weave. In conjunction with each casting an animal spirit oracle card is pulled to offer guidance from our animal spirit friends.

Healing services through Elemental Pathways Energetic Healing is a unique energy healing session similar to Reiki. The primal forces of earth, air, fire, and water are called in to help asssit in working with the energetic and physical body to help ease emotional distress, assist in managing physical pain, and to promote overall wellbeing of the person. Working with Elemental Pathways Healing in conjunction with your standard medical care may offer more effective treatment opportunities.


**Disclaimer: Divination is for entertainment purposes only. I do not answer questions about medical/health of self or others, pregnancy, or legal matters of any type.  Elemental Pathways healing is not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease. Always consult with a medical professional involving prescription drugs, physical, or mental health. Energetic healing may be beneficial in conjunction with modern physical medicine.

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